Servicing versus Sharpening.
Is there a difference? And do scissors need it?

There is a massive difference! The service we offer is a complete re-manufacturing, and sharpening is just one of the seven key stages we do to return your scissors to the way they felt when new – and often better than new, if they were out of sett to start with!

We offer a postal service – contact Spencer direct to discuss your requirements on: 07817 082 754 or e-mail us at:

Prices start from £65 for bevel edge scissors and £85 for clamshell and mountain blades and thinners/texturisers.  Call or email us for details: 07817 082754 to speak to Spencer, or e-mail us at:

Please watch the video clip which shows a little of what’s involved in a professional service. Spencer was personally trained by Tim Payne, the founder of Excellent Edges, who trained for several decades in Japan.

Full “Factory Quality” Scissor Servicing

Excellent Edges ™ started over 20 years ago in Melbourne Australia, and we MANUFACTURE a range of top quality hairdressing scissors using the finest Japanese steel.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do – getting your scissors serviced by us ensures their durability and longevity – enabling you to be your creative best.

Other Sharpening Companies can grind away as much as 5-10 years worth of life in one “cheaper” poor sharpening. When it comes to our servicing, your scissors will be restored to perform and feel like new, in our factory specification workshop. This facility contains all the exact same machinery, tools and instruments used to produce the scissors and Spencer has been fully trained in this art, by Tim Payne, who trained with the manufacturers of Fuji, Hikari and Yamato.

It is not only your scissors that suffer from poor sharpening, but you and the hair you cut.

Our service work prices range from £65 to £85 – these prices reflect the scissor type, blade angle, all but the most extensive reconstruction work (we make a small surcharge for any services that take more than two and a half hours) and speed of return (we can offer an EXPRESS service, but this has to be discussed with us to ensure we can meet your requirements and there is an additional cost for this).

Please call or e-mail for more information and to book, as booking is essential. 

Call or email us for details on: 07817 082754 to speak to Spencer, or e-mail us at: