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Scissors are the key to your trade, but do you know how to use and care for them properly? Spencer Dudman is on a mission to make stylists passionate about their scissors by providing education, servicing and sales – as the only authorised UK agent for Excellent Edges and a master bladesmith, he is in a unique position to do so.

“Few would disagree thatscissors are the most important tool a stylist possesses. Yet, for many cutters, scissor education has been cursory at best, or mostly non-existent,” says Spencer Dudman, who provides free educational workshops and is the only authroised UK agent for Excellent Edges.

“It matters that scissors suit the stylist and are right for their cutting style. For instance, left-handed stylists are often told that right-handed scissors are suitable for them by turning them over, or changing the finger rest to the opposite side! This leads to all sorts of problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), pressure cutting, and frustration over not being able to achieve the finish they want. And this goes for all stylists using the wrong scissors.”

The size, manufacture, handles and blade angles all impact hugely on creativity, too. Learning first-hand by trying out many different scissors has proved popular with salon owners and their stylists, with some regularly booking Spencer to come in for these informal workshops. Spencer has given talks to academies and has extended the offer to colleges as well.

“Make no mistake – blunt scissors damage a client’s hair,” warns Spencer, who knows that many stylists have experienced poor sharpening in the past and are wary of getting scissors serviced again.

With one bad sharpening removing years of life from scissors, you really cannot afford to take risks. Spencer, who has been servicing scissors since 1994, states: “Professional hairdressing scissors require professional servicing. Only a fully-qualified master bladesmith should sharpen hairdressing scissors and the equipment needed for this cannot be put in a van, or taken into a salon.”

Sharp scissors enable greater accuracy and quicker cutting, as well as decreasing strain leading to RSI. Regular servicing prolongs the life of the scissors, and keeps stylists happy with them for many years.

But it’s not just sharpening that is key to keeping your salon scissors in top condition, Spencer stresses the importance of properly oiling and correcting the tension of scissors, every day.

So, with Spencer Dudman’s help, you and your staff can improve your technique and lengthen the life of your scissors.
To find outmore about Spencer Dudman and the world of scissors, visit or call spencer directly on 07817 082754

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