First Edge Kit Left

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A Left Handed First Edge Kit comprises of an FE53L (First Edge 5.3″ Left) for all your general cutting,and precision work,  an FE58L (First Edge 5.8″ Left) scissor with very fine micro serrations to make blunt cutting straight lines easier, and an FE5530L (First Edge 5.5″ with 30 straight teeth Left) for thinning and texturising, without compromising the health of the hair  -the scissor can be closed and slid out without pulling, snagging or any ‘lines’, and the double finger rests allow a variety of techniques. All three scissors come in with an Aluminium Scissor Case with a chamois, inserts (let us know if you have a colour preference!) scissor oil, and a daily maintenance leaflet.
Model: FE5358TLK


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